Industry Resources


Specific resources for The CNC industry are listed for the following areas:
  1. Cutting Tool Information
  2. Workholding Information
  3. Coolant Information
  4. CAD/CAM Systems
  5. Communications Software
  6. Verification Software

Cutting Tool Information

  • All cutting tool suppliers have done extensive testing on their tools.
  • Most suppliers have their own in-house technical support departments, which are a great source of information.
  • If your customer has problems with a tool, contact the supplier to see if the customer is using it properly.
    • The supplier may have alternate tools that reduce the cycle time and tooling cost.
    • They will give you advice on troubled applications such as poor finishes, chatter and premature tool failure.
    • They will have specific advice on grades of carbide and high speed steel.
  • Perhaps the feeds, speeds, depth of cut, or width of cuts could use some adjustments
  • Different coatings can also make a huge difference in tool life. For machining aluminum, for example:
    • It is recommended that there is no coating on the cutting tools
    • The tools should have a ground or polished finish
    • Coated tools usually cause the aluminum to stick to the tool and cause premature tool failure

Cutting Tool Suppliers

Ghuring Inc (262) 784-6730
Ingersol (815) 387-6600
Iscar (817) 321-0500
Kennametel (800) 835-3668
Sandvik/Coromant (800) 726-3845
Seco (800) 832-8326
SGS Tool Co. (330) 688-6667
Vardex (800) 356-1111
Walter / Valenite (800) 945-5554
Widia (888) 539-5145

Workholding Information

  • Workholding can be a crucial part of any machining setup in both mills and lathes.
  • Poor workholding can cause finish issues that are hard to diagnose.
  • Workholding suppliers have done extensive testing on their vices, tombstones, clamps, collets and chucks. Take advantage of their experience.
    • On a mill, for example, they may have ideas on how to machine more features on a part with fewer operations, decreasing handling time and increasing throughput.
    • On a lathe, a customer could have chatter and think there is a tooling or programming issue, while the real problem is in the workholding.

Workholding Suppliers

Bison Poland
Chick Work Holding (724) 772-1644
Huron Machine Products Inc. (954) 587-4541
Kitagawa (800) 222-4138
Kurt Work Holding (877) 226-7823
Mitee-Bite Products LLC (800) 543-3580
LNS America Work Holding (513) 528-5674
Parlec (800) 866-5872
Production Turning (818) 765-0436
Raptor Work Holding (800) 824-8333
Royal Products (800) 645-4174
Samchully Workholding (877) 750-4747

Coolant Information

Coolant suppliers can be a resource if you get complaints about poor finish, tool breakage, or premature wear.

The supplier will usually have a chemist that can examine a machining process and make suggestions.

One customer, for example, frequently broke taps while drilling small holes. The coolant supplier's in-house chemist examined the customer's water and found it to be extremely high in minerals. The customer switched to de-ionized water and the problem disappeared.

Your coolant supplier may have a coolant or additive that will reduce your customer's cost in the long run.

Coolant Suppliers

Blaser (845) 294-3200
Castrol (877) 641-1600
Cimcool (888) 246-2665
Valcool (800) 544-3336

CAD/CAM Systems

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is the use of computer software to control machine (CNC) tools and related machinery in the manufacturing of workpieces.

Some CAM suppliers specialize in certain fields, such as mold making or turbine blade manufacturing.

A customer should talk to several CAD/CAM suppliers before they decide to purchase a CAM system to run their machines.

CAD/CAM service technicians can be very helpful in selecting the type of tool path that will be most efficient for a customer, and can help a customer with chatter, surface finishes, and cycle time issues.

While most CAD/CAM suppliers have their own in-house technical support. They may charge a fee for certain levels of support.

A post-processor is a piece of software that performs the calculations required by complex parts and outputs the code to actually make the cut. Multi-axis machines like UMC-750 and DS-30Y usually require specialized post processors.

Customers should ask their supplier if they have an off-the-shelf post processor for their Haas machine, or if they need to create a new one. It can take a long time to create a new post-processor.

CAD/CAM Suppliers

Bobcad (877) 262-2231
DelCam (877) 335-2261
Esprit (805) 388-6000
Gibbs Cam (805) 523-0004
Master Cam (860) 875-5006
SurfCam (800) 787-3927
Top Solid France +33 (0)
UniGraphic (781) 231-7200

Communications Software

Communications Software is used to transfer files and programs between a Haas control and a computer or computer network.

While most CAM software includes communications, it might sometimes be necessary to provide separate communications with the control.

RS-232 and DNC are the two communications systems Haas uses for connection with the control.

You can use RS-232 communication software to transfer files such as programs, parameter, settings, etc. to and from the Haas control.

DNC (Direct Numerical Control) uses RS-232 communications to run programs that reside on a remote computer. The machine executes the program as it is received from the computer. This is usually done with programs that are larger than the machine's memory.

Successful DNC execution requires XMODEM synchronization protocol - not all communication software is capable of this.

Contact your CAD/CAM supplier if you need assistance setting up a CAM system with built-in communications.

Stand-Alone Communications Suppliers

Cimco (704) 644-3587
HyperTerminal (800) 826-2760
DNC Software Sihler Engineering (805) 383-2492

Verification Software

Verification software runs a CAM-generated program in a virtual environment, checking for code that might create problems for the CNC machine. It can be very helpful when dealing with complex tool paths.

The software finds gouges and other imperfections in the final part.

It can be used to find potential collisions with tools, vices, fixtures and rotary products.

Some verification software can actually reverse what the CAM software did: while the CAM software started with a model and created the tool path or G code, the verification software can start with the G code and, in reverse, create the model .

Verification Software Suppliers
Cimco (704) 644-3587
MetaCut Utilities (315) 287-2877
Predator (503) 292-7151
Vericut (949) 753-1050

Be aware: Many service and repair procedures should be done only by authorized personnel. The service technicians at your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) have the training, experience, and are certified to do these tasks safely and correctly. You should not do machine repair or service procedures unless you are qualified and knowledgeable about the processes.

Danger: Some service procedures can be dangerous or life-threatening. DO NOT attempt a procedure that you do not completely understand. Contact your Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) and schedule a service technician visit if you have any doubts about doing a procedure.